About San Francisco Harpguy Mitch Landy

Combining a classical music education (M.A. in musicology, U.C. Berkeley) with an eclectic musical taste, Mitch Landy brings a fresh approach to the harp. Until 1991 a resident of Philadelphia, Mitch was active in that city's Irish music community. It was his immersion in Irish music that exposed him to the magic of the Celtic harp. Before very long, however, he was finding out pieces from the classical literature that could be adapted to an instrument usually associated with Irish traditional music. The next step was the pedal, or concert harp , with its greater facility to handle the key changes and complex harmonies of both classical and pop music.

Having won second prize on the Celtic harp at the 1995 International Pop & Jazz Harpfest, Mitch now focuses his talents on the rich harmonic potential of the pedal harp, arranging jazz classics from the twenties and thirties, along with contemporary songs, and improvisation; and of course, classical pieces, including his own compositions. Never limited to the existing repertoire of published harp music, Mitch continues to perform mostly his own arrangements, and brings a style of his own to everything he plays.

In addition to weddings and gala events (both solo and with flutists), Mitch has played solo concerts in the San Francisco Bay area, as well as restaurants and tea rooms.

For a partial list of Mitch's repertoire, click here.

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